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About Carin


Carin was born and raised in Germany and has been in the US since 1998. Her passion for horses has led her to the local riding school in Southern Germany at an early age. She started vaulting (gymnastics on cantering horses in groups) because she was too small and young yet for the riding program. Growing up she got her Dressage foundation at the same riding school and has also competed at show jumping, Eventing and has ridden in the Huntfield.

Carin has started a countless amount of horses and ponies throughout her life. Both, for Warm blood breeders in Germany, when still only  a teenager until today. She has been starting a majority of her own sales horses as well as client horses, following the principles of the  GermanTraining scale for over 25 years. All horses are trail and traffic exposed and made safe and bombproof for amateurs with a strong emphasize on ground manners. Carin is a strong believer in versatility to create a sane, willing, confident partner for  Dressage/Jumper/Eventing disciplines.

Carin has started horses from scratch and has trained them up the levels for Eventing and Dressage. She is currently working Prix St. George on her 10 year old Hanoverian gelding and has schooled up to Grand Prix.

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